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After Vegas Detox

Hey readers! As some of you may know, I went to Las Vegas a few weeks and sis,



When I came back home, the amounts of liquor, unhealthy foods, junk foods, etc. that I took in really took a toll on me. I was sick for days and my skin was going through it!

I decided to do a detox to get all of that mess out of my system! Honestly, you can use this detox anytime you want to cleans your system.

***Disclaimer: This detox is based off of things that I like. Feel free to substitute and/or change things for your detox

Spill The Tea Sis

The first thing I decided to do was make

a detox tea, and let me tell you...

This DIY Tea is the SHIT!

This DIY helped me remove a lot of toxins from my body. How do I know? I went to the restroom (1&2) SOO much!!! I drank this tea at least 2-3 times per day.



Apple Cider Vinegar


Hot Water

Chamomile Tea Bag (Any Tea)

Cinnamon (Optional)

Protein Me PLEASE!

After reading several articles online, I realized how important the intake of protein is when you're detoxing. Protein is super essential for your body to properly reset. When I first started this detox, my first mind was "I'm going to be hungry," but honestly, detoxing correctly shouldn’t make you feel hungry or deprived. You'll actually feel more nourished by eating nutrient-rich foods that support the body.

Aim to eat these foods:






-Cottage Cheese


-Turkey Meat



With Your Thirsty Ass!

During this Detox, I only drank water

and infused water. I have a 1000ml water bottle, and I drank at least 3-4 full bottles per day.

Infused Water Recipe Ideas

(I found these on Pinterest)

1. Cucumber Mint Lemon

Sis, this will get you right! Thinly slice one cucumber. Peel if it isn’t organic! Add the sliced cucumbers to a ½ gallon of water add 8 muddled fresh mint leaves, and fill with filtered water. (Lemon slices optional)

2. Citrus Blueberry

Slice two organic oranges into thin slices (leave the rind on for better flavor). Add sliced oranges and 1 cup of blueberries to a gallon of water.

3. Pineapple Mint

Peel and thinly slice about 1/4 of a pineapple. The more thinly sliced the pineapple, the more flavor it will infuse. Add to a ½ gallon of water with 10-12 leaves of muddled fresh mint.

4. Watermelon Basil

Add about 2 cups of finely chopped fresh watermelon (without rind) to a gallon of water. Add 15 leaves of muddled basil and filtered water to fill.

5. Strawberry Lemon

Add 15 fresh strawberries, washed and finely sliced to a ½ gallon of water. Add one sliced lemon with rind on.

6. Cherry Lime

Add two cups of fresh cherries, cut in half, and one fresh lime, sliced into thin slices, to a gallon of water.

7. Grapefruit Raspberry

Add one grapefruit, thinly sliced with rind on, to a gallon of water. Then add ½ cup  slightly muddled fresh raspberries.

8. Mango Pineapple

Peel and thinly slice one fresh mango. Add to ½ gallon of water. Add 1 cup of finely chopped pineapple and filtered water.

9. Grape Orange

Place 2 cups of halved organic grapes into a gallon of water. Add one orange, thinly sliced with rind on.

10. Pineapple Basil

Add ¼ of a sliced fresh pineapple and 15 leaves of muddled fresh basil to a half-gallon of water.

Sleeping is my favorite Sport

Last but not least, sleeping is extremely important to an effective detox!

Make sure your getting the full 8 hours of sleep, so your body can do its jobs!

Thank you for reading :)



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