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Finding Comfort in Confusion + The Level up is REAL

Last week, I talked about the importance of creating S.M.A.R.T. goals and how to create the perfect list of seasonal goals. However, what about when you're in a season of uncertainty? I've been there. In fact, I find myself there ALL THE TIME sis!

Does confusion make you feel powerless, anxious, stressed, etcs.? For me, I go through an entire list of draining emotions, up until l remembered, I'm equipt for this.

What if I told you that confusion was good for you? Yes girl, confusion can dig up a host of never-ending puzzle emotion, but it's also a sign of applying lessons learned and gaining more insight. I mean think about it, if everything made sense to you from jump, how would you ever grow........or evolve????

Yes, it's hard to realize it in the the midst, but confusion can serve a higher purpose. When you feel confused, it could be a sign that your mind is expanding and you are allowing your heart, mind, and body to make room for something that wasn’t there before.

Being confused is really a process of Leveling Up.

To those who are currently caught up in the midst of confusion, it all may not make sense just yet, but stick with it. Your Level Up is about to be real!

Think and act differently when you arrive in a season of confusion:

1. Accepting Where You Are

Accept that "WTF am I doing?" feeling. Sometimes you get stuck because you are meant to be stuck. Take it for what it is. Usually more insight is needed before you can move forward. Take that time to embrace what you have accomplished and inform yourself on the possible reasons that are stopping you from getting to the next phase of your purpose.

2. Taking a Deep Breath

Center yourself, “I don’t know wtf to do, and that is okay.” When you acknowledge your uncertainty, you move out of the fog and into a somewhat clear direction. The more you focus on your certainty, the more at peace you will start to feel with where you are at, and how you can further navigate.

3. Align Your Focus

In that season of confusion, it can be easy to get stuck in a web of consistent, repetitive thoughts that appear to have no end and no beginning. For me, I try to start focusing on what I DO feel comfortable with.

Start focusing on what you know and what you feel 100 about. When you do this, it will automatically help weaken the confusion over your journey.

4. Patience

Being confused is a sign of change.

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. - Leo Tolstoy

When I first started E-Street, I was all over the place with finding my "perfect niche." Like many, I became my biggest threat because I didn't give myself time to gain more knowledge, feel inspired, and so much more. I say this to say, you may need to let the journey unfold a little bit more before you make a decision. "Don't be discouraged" is such a cliche thing to say, but try working on being at peace with the fact that you don’t have all the answers. Just accept the way things are and trust that inspiration will reach you when the time comes to make a decision.

Every journey is a blessing in some way. Trust the process.

That wraps up my time with yall this week. Thank you for supporting,


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