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Happy Valentines Day + Celebrating Love, While Single.

Happy Valentines' ladies. I have a rose for you girl!

Red hearts, red balloons, red roses, and red candy boxes are literally everywhere; not to mention cute couples lost in each other’s eyes and other tokens of affection. The overload, with Valentine’s Day is enough to make you want to cringe during the weeks leading up to February 14. Instead of cringing, consider another perspective. "On Valentines day, it's all about me."

Celebrate being Fine AF and single, and enjoy some time to mingle. Who says that you need a date for this day of the year? Treat yourself!

Give to Yourself sis: You know you deserve it!

Self-respect, self-love, and recognizing your value are important all year-round, and Valentine’s Day is one more time to remind yourself the YOU ARE THE SHIT. Practice gratitude on a daily basis and keep a mental log of the things you are grateful for.

Think about something that is special to you and plan to gift it to yourself. (You'll catch me in Ulta Beauty.)

It can be an item, a healthy activity, a vacation, a glass of win, etc! You could also do things in the comfort of your own home, like a self-made spa night, making a warm bath, lighting candles, and listening to your bops as you relax and reflect upon positive situations in your life.

Shameless Plug: Food is Love

Get all of your favorite snacks.....Cook your favorite meal. Better yet, order out and indulge in all the calories,and deal with the gym tomorrow.

Acknowledge Friendships: Galentines'

True friendships are special connections and can result in feelings of platonic love. Instead of focusing on celebrating romantic love on Valentine’s Day, singles can focus on celebrating the love of friendships and the meaning you create in each other’s lives. Planning a night out or planning a night watching funny movies are both ways to spend time together while you reminisce about memorable times you have had throughout the years of your friendship.

Giving to Others: We love to see it!

You can give to others through volunteer work. Many people are alone on Valentine’s Day. Not alone as single; but alone without friends or family for support. Different life circumstances can result in situations like this. Providing companionship in a center for older adults or visiting a children’s hospital can brighten someone’s day more than you know (note: most facilities require registration as a volunteer to be approved for visits).

If you'd prefer to give to others anonymously, you can send platonic valentines to places or put together a Valentine’s Day care pack for overseas military members who are away from their families and loved ones.

Being single doesn't mean you need to sit out the holiday. It means you need to take your love and turn it inward, and focus on yourself and the people you love, on this loving day.

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