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I mean, but girl, you BEEN fat + Shifting the Narrative

Can you believe summer is coming to an end already? Neither can I! It's time to start getting ready for the 2020 summer! I'll be posting a blog in a few weeks about getting "Goal Ready" for the winter months.

Stay tuned :)........

In this post, I wanted to talk a little bit more about why I decided to add "Body Positivity" into the main 3 pillars of "E-STREET The Blog. " I've read 100's of debates, discussions, arguments, etc., on different social platforms, leading me to think, "Sis, how can I shift the narrative of how we think of our body, and how to feel confident in the body you're in?" Especially for us who carry a few extra pounds. It's ok Sis. Starting TODAY, we will change the negative stigma around being "Fat," starting with ourselves. Let's work on it together!

Girl, I grew up as the fat kid. I've been, what we use to say back in the day, "big-boned" most of grade school and college. Most of the negative comments I've gotten have been from my adolescent years. Once I got to college, one of my main goals was to lose as many pounds as I could. My first year of college, I ate salads and smoothies everyday for a year. I also became vegetarian. After, I gave up meat, I ended up losing almost 30 pounds. Fast forward 5 years later, I gained that 30 pounds back (plus some.)

Listen, I don't know about you, but not feeling confident in my body makes buying clothes, take pictures, dating, the list is endless, much harder than it needs to be.

The most important thing to change when thinking of body positivity is

1. Your Mindset

A lot of times, our biggest war is within ourselves. Self affirmation is extremely important. I have asked my friends countless times, "Does this make me look fat fat?" and It's like girl, you are fat and you've BEEN fat. New mindset: "You're going to kill this outfit, because of the Confidence you choose to wear with it."

2. Don't compare yourself to others sis!

We all have something we wish we could change about our body, I get that, but wishing you had someone else's body shape, curly hair, or even smile takes away from what is uniquely YOU. Emphasize the qualities that will boost your spirits and minimize the things you don't like.

3. Focus on raising your confidence

Have you heard the saying, "What you focus on grows"? Apply this to how you feel about your body. Replace negative thoughts by spending time and energy on raising your spirits, and make you feel better about yourself. It will work sis, we got this.

4. Dress as if you're the shit. Period

If you're wearing uninspiring clothes, of course you're going to feel less confident. Pick your outfit with confidence. You WILL look sexy in this. You WILL feel comfortable in this. You WILL make heads turn in this fit!

(Comment below if you want a blog on wardrop pieces that are MUST BUY items for the plus size community.)

Body positivity is a very complex matter. I get it. I'm ready to talk about it and grow together. Let's get into it. This is first of many post about us FAT Girls!

Be sure to comment below with ideas, what you want to see, plus size fashion hauls you'd like to see, etc.

Thank you for reading,


Street Bulletin: Hey Sis!!! It's been a minute, but I'm back! Life has been happening in the last 4 weeks, and I temporarily lost motivation. It happens! Don't get it twisted, I might've faced life, but giving up? That's not an option. There will be times when we get stagnant with pursuing goals, out of frustration, but we must persevere! You got this sis!
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