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My lifestyle is called "Quarantine?!?!!" + 5 Ways to Be Productive(ish) on Lockdown

Hey Ladies, Let's jump right in!

So, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was perfectly fine with staying home. I don't know about you, but I love my bed, my remote, and my fuzzy socks.

Now I can't lie, I've low-key had some anxiety slowly trying to stock up with groceries and waiting for the new developments in my area. Three weeks is a lot of time to spend stuck at home. How can we stay productive(ish)? Of course, if you’re working from home (either as a professional or a student), the first thing to do is make sure that you’ve done all of your assignments and priorities first. But let’s talk about some of the other productive things that you can get done if you find yourself at home for an extended period, and hopefully the increase in productivity will help if you have inevitable anxiety.

1. Sis, Fitness Goals Don't Stop!

Let's get it poppin' with the Cycles, and do calf extensions on the steps, and pushups and planks like there’s no tomorrow. Even if you've already met your fitness goals for 2020, maintain them too!

2. When is the last time you had the time to read a book?

It's time to get out that book you've been thinking about reading! Try iBook on your phone!

3. Netflix and Hulu is our friend!

This is the best time to binge watch all of the shows your friends have been saying are good! My current favorite show to watch is: All American

4. Update Your Resume

Updating your resume is one of those tasks that falls by the wayside in everyday life, which is understandable. Well, a quarantine is plenty of time to get your resume in order for the next time you find yourself on the job hunt. And while you’re at it, you might as well update your LinkedIn page, too.

5. Quarterly Goals Check-In

Earlier this year, I made a post about creating the perfect list of S.M.A.R.T. Goals. I will be going into depth on checking in on quarterly goals, but basically you want to congratulate and celebrate what goals you have completed, Consider what's working and what isn't, and Reassess your list of goals.

Staying at home for extended periods of time can be a challenge (for some.) So wash your hands, regularly wipe down the things you touch frequently, and try to use the time to accomplish something productive. You got this sis!

Sending Good Health Love,


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