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Single, Dating, or Single with Purpose?

The importance of “Dating Yourself.

When’s the last time you took yourself out to dinner, bought yourself flowers, treated yourself shopping? 

Whether you’re dating someone or single, the theory of "dating yourself" is an important stepping stone in becoming a self-aware individual. Dating yourself and loving your own company allows you to understand yourself and be in-tuned with  your likes dislikes, turn-ons and offs, etc. When you do things you love, you are solely operating from your most authentic self. 

Dating serves as a way for us get to know someone. It gives us the opportunity to determine if our personalities, goals, and values align. Dating also allows us to learn (potential) partner’s likes, dislikes, background, passions, and beliefs. This knowledge is a major key to forming a romantic bond, however,  how much can we focus on getting to know someone else when we really DON’T know ourselves? How can we expect someone to do what we like, if we don’t know WHAT we like? 

“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.” ~Alan Watts

Dating yourself can include anything from going out a favorite restaurant, seeing a movie or concert, working out, going to a spa, attending social events, etc. It could also include writing gratitude notes to yourself, journaling, treating yourself to a massage or cooking yourself a bomb dinner......ANYTHING. The point is to happily begin a journey of doing what brings you happiness without waiting for someone else to do it with you or for you.

“Finding yourself before you find love, is the journey of being single with purpose.” -Unknown 

For my singles out there, take this as a time to attract like-minded people into your space. Never use the excuse of “I’m too busy.” Schedule “Me Time” in your planner!!!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post ;)


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