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Thick Thighs, can saves lives in Over-The-Knee Boots + Fashion to Figure Boot Review!

Hey sis, it’s officially Thigh High Boot season. It's time to bring on all the cute date night, holiday, brunch dates, and girls night-out fits!

I have been trying to find the perfect fitting over-the-knee boots for soooo long. Sis, the wait is over! When it comes to getting the best over-the-knee boots, us +size women get nervous. Which style should I get? How do I wear them? Do they really fit me? Over-the-knee boots have always been considered the most difficult boot style to wear.

In the search for the perfect fitting over-the-knee boot, I came across a website called "Fashion to Figure." Girl, let me tell you! These boots are bomb! I started out buying the classic suede-black pair. Wanted to make sure they fit, and they were comfortable to wear.


Price: $109.00


Let's Style this Over The Knee Boot Sis!

Sweater Dress – Lowkey one of my favorite ways to wear over the knee boots this season. Sweater dresses look the most flattering, in my opinion, with some sort of tall boot. You’re covered up enough to handle the cold weather, but showing enough skin to keep things elevated and dressed up.

Skinny Jeans – Skinny jeans are a no-fail way to wear your over-the-knee boots. Go with a heel or flat boot and you instantly look pulled together. Jeans allow for the most versatility. You can dress them up or down and pair them with any outerwear or seasonal piece (poncho, sweater, blazer, etc.)

Skirts/Biker Shorts – Skirts and biker shorts are a great way to show how versatile over the knee boots can be. Maybe more unexpected, but certainly a way to go, especially when the weather permits (those sunny fall-winter days).

What to Look for When Shopping for Over the Knee Boots + E-STREET Grading scale......

Material – Are the boots made of leather or synthetic materials? Depending on what you’re looking for or willing to spend, this plays a major role. Know that leather boots tend to last longer and become softer and more comfortable over time.

Are they comfortable – Are they easy to walk around in? Is the heel too high? You don't want to be saying "Wheww chileeee," in the first 10 minutes of wearing the heel. You want to be able to reach for your boots a lot during fall and winter, so make sure they’re comfortable.

Are they easy to get on and off – This is one of the more important elements. If you’ve ever owned a pair of boots that are really hard to get off, you know how important it is to find something with a little more ease. Trust me, your boots will end up sitting in your closet if getting them on and off is more of a struggle than anything else.

How comfortable is the heel? – Don’t buy boots with a high heel that you know you’ll end up not wearing. Boots are made for walking, so walk around the house and make sure they don’t hurt your feet.

Does the shaft stay up – After 10 different pairs of over-the-knee boots, you must know, the shaft will fall down slightly just from movement and walking no matter what, but a narrow shaft and pull ties will help keep them up. If the entire shaft falls down while walking, don’t even bother. The over-the-knee boots that only slightly cover your knees with an open slit in the back might have a better chance of staying up as well.

Do they Stretch? – Thick, bulky shafts are a thing, so make sure you find a pair of boots that are flattering on your body. You want to be sure you try boots on in-store (or at home) with an outfit you would normally wear with them. See how they look and make sure they don’t overwhelm you.

Shaft Height – If you’re tall, you may want to look for something that hits mid thigh. If you’re short, you may want something just above the knee. You know it’s the wrong fit when bending your knee becomes hard to do (good luck sitting sis), or the boots go all the way up your leg.

Other Styles I plan on getting from!

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