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Travel On a $45 Round Trip Flight

Updated: May 19, 2019

We're getting our travel on this year sis! I challenge you to grab a friend or two and read below.

Traveling can be very affordable, even for college students! Here are some tips for traveling this year on a budget!

Let’s get those finances together girl! There are several ways to save up money for a trip. Start a travel fund! Every week set out a defined amount to put into the fund each week. (For me it’s $50)


There are different quick money side hustles that are easy to take on to make some extra cash such as Doordash, Uber/Lyft, Shipt, Wag, etc.

Now it's time to pick a destination to travel to. To me, this is the best part about planning a trip.

There are so many places to pick from around the world. Here is a small list of travel picks. Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, Denver, NYC, Houston, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, ATL, etc.

Now that we've picked out our destination, it's time to book a flight, hotel/AirBnB, car rental, etc.

There are several airline companies you can fly through, however I tend to chose because of their tuesday penny flights! If you go into your local airport and buy a round trip plane ticket, on a Tuesday, between the hours of 12pm-3pm, the ticket will be VERY cheap! (Im talking as low as $45 roundtrip flights)

Now It's time to TRAVEL!!

It can be hard sometimes to travel with your friends.

I have a small group of traveling friends, everyone in the group is serious about traveling!

With that being said, I need to see you catching flights all Summer 2019!!!!!

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